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THE attempt by the UPND and its associates to impeach President Edgar Lungu is not only laughable but also an illusion that will in the end leave detractors gnashing their teeth.

It is a blurred plan that is harboured by political charlatans whose fortunes have dwindled to the lowest ebb.

A statistical analysis clearly shows that the opposition UPND Members of Parliament (MPs) bundled together with their allies cannot muster sufficient support for the impeachment process to succeed.

Secondly, there are no reasonable grounds for the MPs to impeach the President!

We are aware, just like most well-meaning citizens, that this is a desperate attempt to attract local and international attention and paint the Presidency in negative light. Such a stunt will ultimately work against the schemers.

Zambians are able to see through the scheme that is tainted with malice, envy and downright greed.

The National Assembly consists of 53.6 per cent Patriotic Front (PF) MPs, 34.9 per cent from UPND, 8.4 per cent independent while the rest is the MMD and FDD segment.

In fact, not all opposition MPs are for the impeachment while most Independent lawmakers are PF inclined. How then will they garner enough support for this process!

There are so many pertinent issues that MPs ought to tackle instead of engaging in reckless scheming that does not add value to national affairs.

The very MPs busy championing the impeachment, have abandoned their constituencies opting for cosmetic manoeuvres that would not yield any positive result.

One of them, Chishimba Kambwili, has lost favour and has instead engaged in a lone battle to insult President Lungu whom not too long ago he defended left-right-and-centre.

He has turned his back on the Roan constituency and embraced the National Democratic Congress where he is posing as political consultant when in fact he is an architect of this fragile organisation.

He has teamed up with the vanquished Mwenya Musenge who was embarrassingly rejected in Chimwemwe constituency – a PF stronghold.

While the impeachment itself is a democratic right for MPs, the process has to be carried out when there are glaring incidences of impropriety and gross misconduct. Alas, this is not the case!

Zambians are not ready for pretenders in the political arena who are intent to contaminate the political space.

Citizens are instead eager to follow substantive debates in Parliament such as refining of the Republican Constitution, which has lacunas.

Apart from that, they want to listen to discussions relating to emergency efforts towards the floods that have affected most parts of the country particularly the Southern region. Crops and public infrastructure have suffered destruction.

It is also befitting to bring to the fore remedial measures that can be employed in the light of changes in the weather pattern in general.

It is time opposition political leaders raised the bar in political discourse as opposed to restricting themselves to trial matters.

Zambians have invested heavily in democracy from the time the country returned to multi-party politics in 1991. They deserve the best political output from opposition leaders who are expected to offer checks and balances fairly and with integrity.

It is a fallacy to compare the Zambian political scenario to recent events that affected two countries in the region. This should not even excite anyone as the issues are poles apart.

For once, opposition political leaders should come to terms with reality; President Lungu was democratically voted into office by the Zambia people after convincingly meeting the 50 per cent plus one vote threshold.

Politicians should thus give him space to discharge his duties in line with the requirement of the Republican Constitution.

Those vying for the highest office in the land should patiently wait to contest the 2021 presidential and general elections. In the meantime, they should concentrate on reorganising their parties.

It is irrational to scheme an impeachment!

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