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WHEN what you have is not enough, it is not enough. When you yearn for more, you must not allow yourself to accept the status quo. As long as there is room for growth, that is what you must aim for in life.

This is not an article about being ungrateful or about lacking humility. This is an article about refusing to comfort yourself when things are not going for you.

The other day, a close friend was reflecting on events of the past few years in his life. He talked about how he had fallen from a respectable position in life where he was well on his way to accomplishing big things.

He also went into detail about some of the challenges he has had to face in the turnaround process of picking up. For what it’s worth, he is surviving; the problem is he is not where he aspires to be.

What’s more? This phase in which he is turning his situation around constantly leaves him juggling his limited income with short term loans and other sources to meet his obligations.

His obligations are not huge, it’s only that Zambian salaries can be a little low when you are used to a certain standard of living and you have had to start over after a fall.

My friend has been waiting patiently for his breakthrough so that he can get back to where he aspires to be, but as we all know – God’s time is the best. And as things stand, God’s time is for his events of progress to occur is not in sync with his plans.

In a moment of self-reflection, my friend hinted to me that he feels a little fatigued with his ambitions and maybe the way things are is not so bad. He could live with it because perhaps it was meant to be so.

Any Zambian out there who is experienced and mature enough will tell you that life does not always pan out the way we planned.  And that if at least you are not starving, and are in good health, you are actually okay. Then you should be satisfied.

Today dear reader, I am telling you as I always do, that in life, the most important thing is to be happy. And if it makes my friend happy to accept the so-called reality that his difficulty in turning his situation around leaves him concluding that the status quo is not the worst, then by all means he must accept his new life.

However, the idea that one can aspire to accomplish big things, yet in the midst of some difficulty choose to abandon ship altogether is something that is often not tenable on the part of the individual.

Dreams are dreams; they don’t go away just like that. And each time you walk away, it eats at you. It eats at a major part of the reason for your existence. After all, what’s the point in living if you can’t feel alive? The ambition must not be scaled down to suit the circumstances of one’s lack of triumph. The ambition remains the same, either way. At least that’s how serious people think. This is why even in these jobs in Zambia, you’ll have those employees who everyday feel that they have arrived because they have a decent job, whereas there will be those in a similar position or even higher that understand that they may be comfortable but there is more to accomplish in the years ahead.

Some may even feel that their contribution can go beyond the organisation they work for and into wider society. The dream, the hope, the aspiration must never be traded for something less.

The only time this can be permitted is when it happens through divine intervention for a reason higher than man’s understanding of events.

Any fella worth the dream that he is chasing will know that he will have so many challenges along the way, but nonetheless, he will not stop going. In the Bible it says that there is an appointed time for everything, so why would you want to scale down on your ambition when perseverance is what you need to get somewhere?

The other day, I received a complaint from someone who is near and dear to me. She asked why she has had difficulty realising her dreams and yet she has assessed herself to have so many natural talents and abilities above many people around her that are seemingly doing a lot better.

She did not compare herself with any sense of envy or jealousy, or for that matter Zambian PHD syndrome. In fact, she genuinely wondered when her time would come as others seemed to be currently having theirs.

I told her that the key in the journey to success is to hold on to your dreams or ambitions, and keep it together when things are not going. Anybody can keep going when things are moving but it takes a certain kind of special person to keep it together when things are challenging.

This lady who complained to me is actually as talented as anyone I have met in this country in many critical areas for attaining success.  She is also highly educated. It is only a matter of time before she gets going and will not look back.

She should not for a second consider giving up on her dreams. Giving up, accepting the status quo is tantamount to quitting, and an old saying goes “winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

So dear reader, as I said in the beginning, this article is not about lacking humility and feeling like all that is meant for you is to be at the top in this life, no!

This article is about fighting tooth and nail to get there and never accepting anything less. When you set your goals, you must fight to achieve them, don’t water down the ambition.

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