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A LUSAKA woman has alleged that MTN Mobile Company of deliberately holding on to the money she intended to transfer to her niece’s account.

The woman, identified as Gloria Shamenda, complained that she deposited K550 for her niece through an MTN agent on Tuesday last week but by close of yesterday, the money could not be accessible yet for unknown reasons.

Ms Shamenda told the Daily Nation yesterday that MTN appeared to have been holding on to the money because it could not enable her niece to withdraw it despite making several attempts and calls to the company.

“I had sent some money to my niece on Tuesday, but the money has not reached her to date,” she said.

Ms Shamenda said the MTN Call Centre had confirmed the money was still in the system and promised to activate the withdrawal but that it had not been done to date. She wondered why the company should hold on to her money and for a service she had already paid for.

“Someone at MTN needs to explain to me what is happening. I called MTN and they confirmed the money was in the system but not delivered,” she said. “It’s like someone somewhere wants to use the money while my niece waits. I am so concerned especially with the reports of scams,” she said.

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