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By Stanely Mwiinga

I ALWAYS start the year with something positive, motivational and away from technology a little, so let’s try to answer this question. Is 2019 really your year? I hear many people at the beginning of the year saying this is my year.

New Year is there to help us refocus and realign our life’s core purpose. It helps us start anew, it gives us hope and makes us alive again but sometimes we just let life be.

It is important to celebrate that you are alive and you have made it to 2019, but after the celebration and the shouting goes down, it is more important to sit down and question your worth on earth.

How much value are you adding to this earth? What’s your core purpose? Are you living according to what you are here for? If you died today and faced God, what would you tell him?

Imagine if he asked you the question, what did you do with my time and the gifts I gave you? Would you say I did what others did or  I spent your time playing video games, watching movies or I slept a lot, partied a lot or what?

It’s easy to say 2019 is your year but not taking the necessary steps to own it, knowing that we are not promised of the next second is the best way to realise  every minute matters, for every second and step taken leads you to the grave to pave way for the new, it’s called Chance.

Being employed is not enough, there is more to life than going to school, getting a job, marrying, having children and die.

The other day my sister Joy asked me this question, why is it that good people die early? My response was that maybe God is giving a chance to us bad ones to finally make a change and do good before we die.

A party is there to celebrate some achievement or something, but most people party for no reason in the name of having fun and later on get back to their depressed state and not do anything about it.

School levers will spend a lot of their time on social media and say they don’t have money to go to college or university but have the money to buy bundles and have meaningless chats all day.

They can instead use the same bundles to learn a skill on YouTube and after learning that skill, they can use it to make money and take themselves to college if that is what they want.

They can simply search for a tutorial they want and they will have thousands of tutors, be it graphic designing, video production, carpentry, computer repairs and more free skills that can be learnt for less bundles. I have self-taught myself most of my skills online or you can get an online free course from or

We limit the power of our smartphones. I always say it makes no sense to own an expensive smartphone and reduce its power to social media and calls only.

I read something in Robin Sharma’s book, “Who will cry when you die” and it inspired me.  He says: “Who will cry when you die? How many lives will you touch while you have the privilege to walk this planet?

What impact will your life have on the generations that follow you? And what legacy will you leave after you have taken your last breath?

One of the lessons I have learnt in my own life is that if you don’t act on life; life has a habit of acting on you. The days slip into weeks, the weeks slip into months and the months slip into years. Pretty soon it’s all over and you are left with nothing more than a heart filled with regret over a life half lived.“

George Bernard Shaw was asked on his deathbed, “what would you do if you could live your life over again?” he reflected, then replied with a deep sigh: “I’d like to be the person I could have been but never was.”

Last year my 17-year-old niece asked me to buy her a birthday present; I jokingly asked her this question. “Why should I buy you a birthday present?” she replied saying “because it’s the day I was born.”

I told her your birthday is celebrated only once when you are born and as you grow, we are no longer celebrating your birthday but your successes on the day your were born. For one, in the more yeard you have lived on earth what have you done?

If you spent your year sleeping and doing nothing, then it’s not worth celebrating your birthday because you never lived. Sometimes people cry when you die not because you have left them but because you never became all that you could have been.

I like what Dr. Jongimpi Papu said, he says “you may not be indispensable, we can do without you, but you are irreplaceable because we can never find someone like you after you have died.”

Most of the world’s problems would be solved if only we followed our life’s purpose but we are busy following other peoples purpose on earth neglecting our own thus leaving a lot of unresolved problems that you and I could have solved.

Some of us have problems that could be solved with just one right book, but we pass the bookstore and go to a restaurant to buy food with the same money that could be used to buy a book that could solve half of your problems, but instead food is more important than knowledge so years pass us by with the same old dirty minds that revert us back to our same old dirty tricks with filled up stomachs, no significant change apart from body change that happens. If 2019 is going to be your year and you don’t plan on reading any self-help book then your 2018 might still be lingering in your 2019. If you don’t plan to self-develop yourself to learn a new skill and prepare yourself for an opportunity or to go to school and redo your G.C.E if you didn’t do well then you will still be reverting back to your old ways.

Growth must happen in 2019 and it starts with you. A friend of mine told me books are expensive so he will be reading the books I buy.  I told him I won’t lend him any books because he has the capacity to buy but I can recommend books he can read.

The thing is we don’t attach much value to free things; there is something about value and seriousness we attach to things we buy rather than things we get for free. I have a few free books I haven’t read up to now because maybe they were free, so be willing to invest in you if change must happen.

Am no saint, I have my own battles too but almost every day I ask myself these two questions: “Am I doing enough? What more can I do?”

I leant a certain method of accomplishing goals although I learnt it later in life but it works. I wish I learnt it earlier. back in the years I used to come up with a lot of resolutions for the year and most times I wouldn’t even accomplish half of them, it would always pain me that I would always push unresolved resolutions the following year, this is what I started doing.

I write down realistic goals and resolutions on paper, I then attach each goal to a month, if it would require two or three months to accomplish that then I do so, then I break down my monthly goals into weeks so that each week and day I have a specific goal to accomplish.

That way, if the month is about to run over without accomplishing, I work harder to finish the goal. By the end of the year it’s very easy to count your accomplished goals. If you just plan without a time frame, you might end up pushing them to next year because there was no proper planning.

Write down your goals and move with them on paper, look at them every day and you will be amazed by how things will work out. We live on earth for the next person and whatever your goals are; there should be someone in the picture. Jesus never died for himself, you are here for you but more so for someone else that’s why you work hard. I have my personal goals this year but my other focus this year is having talks to girl children especially in rural areas were we have a lot of dropouts due to social challenges. So my question goes back to you, is 2019 really your year? Read next week’s article as I continue and will be talking about people that failed but never gave up.

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