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IT is a lie that Hawaii technicians are helping government to spy against the opposition political parties, Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya has said.

Ms Siliya who is Minister of Information and Broadcasting, strongly condemned the allegations by the Wall Street Journal, a USA based publication. She said Government respected the Zambian laws, therefore, it cannot under any circumstances engage in illegal interception in communications of the Zambians.

The minister said Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority was a lawful regulator of the ICT sector whose functions do not extend to illegalities alleged in the said article.

“ZICTA operates under the authority of the Zambian Constitution, which explicitly guarantees our citizens the right to privacy of their personal conversations,” she said.

She said the allegations were unfounded and malicious and urged the general public to ignore the allegations and focus on issues that were more productive.

Ms Siliya said Government would continue to protect the right of privacy and would on other hand work with ZICTA to firmly deal with criminals in financial crimes, child abuse and threats to national security.

And Patriotic Front Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza refuted media reports that he had issued a statement regarding the alleged issue.

Mr Mwanza said the allegations were fake. He said at no time did he issue such a statement, adding that it was dismaying that such a reputable publication can publish a factually flawed article.

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