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IT is contempt of court to comment on a judgment whose outcome is not yet known, Lusaka lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has warned UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Ngulube warned Ms. Nalumango to be careful as her comments, on this Friday’s Constitutional Court judgment in President Lungu’s eligibility case, can land her in trouble.

“It is contemptuous for anyone to state that the outcome of the judgment is already known before its outcome is made public. Her comments should be taken with a pinch of salt because I believe political parties must respect the Judiciary.

“If these UPND people are saying they do not trust the Constitutional Court judges who were appointed by President Lungu, why have their presidents been fighting all their legal battles in those same courts? It is sour grape principle and we don’t want to allow that to continue,” Mr. Ngulube said.

Mr. Ngulube, who is also Kabwe Central member of Parliament, said it is important for people aspiring for leadership to trust institutions of justice.

“If they don’t it becomes difficult for everybody to know whether they are going to respect the Judiciary when they come in power,” he said.

Speaking in a special in an interview on ‘Frank on Hot’ programme on Hot FM radio yesterday, Ms. Nalumango said the outcome of the Constitution Court’s judgment this Friday would be in favour of the Head of State.

“We all know that President Lungu always wins and he is going to win the issue before the ConCourt.

The Court will surely declare him eligible and there is no doubt about that,” she said.

Ms Nalumango said the opposition political party would not challenge the outcome on Friday because it wanted to focus on 2021 elections.

She further said the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will be ready to face President Lungu in the 2021 general elections.

She said Mr Hichilema was not scared to face President Lungu in 2021 even after losing to him in the 2015 and 2016 general elections.

“Our president is very ready to face President Lungu in the next general elections. We are convinced that President Lungu will be declared eligible and he will stand but will shall not be scared,” Ms Nalumango said.

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