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AMON Masumba popularly known as DJ Shooter and his counterpart Davison Munsanda aka Dj Massaj the Music Boss combine for the 13th edition of the DJs Summer Invasion tomorrow at Lusaka’s Club Amnesia starting 15 hours.

The two will rock the venue with a touch of solid music collection as both of them have enjoyed a smooth career record.

Massaj describes himself as one of the craziest DJs in Southern Africa. He was introduced to the industry by legendary Milli Jamz at Masaka Night Club in Livingstone years back.

After working for Barclays Bank for years he quit banking to follow his passion in the music business.  He has enjoyed a great deal of appearances both locally and internationally. He is famous in Namibia and Botswana apart from Zambia.

He earns respect and his name ‘ Music Boss’ by representing Southern Province at both DAZ and ZAM. earning him the tittle “THE MUSIC BOSS”.

On the other hand, Dj Shooter has been on the decks since secondary school in 2000s. He is known for his unique mixing and remixing style and also for being the first DJ to start mixing Videos in Zambia.

Shooter is a  graduate from Technics Dj School in South Africa and has a strong ambition of setting up his own Dj School in Zambia.

He brings to Club Amnesia massive experience and memories of the many places he has jammed for like The Cage Night Club, Fairmount, Klub Vegas Mystic, Vegas Annex and many more.  He currently plays at GetDown Club in Lusaka. He surely has a lot to offer at the DSI tomorrow.

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