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GOVERNMENT has released K4, 800,000 for payment to farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Muchinga Province.

Muchinga Province FRA Marketing Coordinator Richard Chintu said in an interview yesterday that the money was released on Friday and that it would be shared among all the eight districts in the province.

Mr Chintu said government, through FRA, had so far paid out K25, 490,000 of the K79, 521,000 it owed to the farmers in the province.

He gave the payment break down as follows:  FRA had so far paid K370, 000 out of K1, 032,850 to farmers in Chama district, while K6, 630,000 had been paid to farmers in Chinsali out of K13, 229,580.

‘‘A total amount of K4, 200.000 out of K20, 621,580 has been paid out to farmers who supplied maize to FRA in Isoka district, and a total amount of K1,300,000 out of  K6,141,380 has been paid out to farmers in Lavushimanda district.

FRA has further paid K4, 266,250 to Mafinga, K2, 580,000 to farmers in Mpika and k3, 500,000 to Nakonde out of  the total amount of K7,586,580, K11,611,670 and k16,536,940 owed, respectively,’’ he added

Mr Chintu also said FRA had already started stock transfer from Muchinga to Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces.

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