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EMPIRE Nightclub in Kafue host a triple Chrismas treat this weekend featuring three of the many most happening Zambian artistes.

The club will dedicate three nights of celebrating Zambian music starting tomorrow night with Zambian dancehall magician DJ Cosmo and his dancing queens.

Cosmo will set the mood as he is expected to play out all his most well-known hits like ‘She aah Bomb’, ‘Twerker,’ ‘Like a Ball’ and ‘Sexy Panty’.

On Sunday Dalisoul Mwana Wamu Komboni will take to the stage. He will be with his ever-energetic Jerabo Dancers. This promises to be the biggest as Dalisoul and his men have all it takes to take the night away.

The Eve of Christmas will be handled by Zambia’s most featured artiste and lyrical giant Izrael formerly Exile. He is definitely the right choice to take the fans to Christmas day as he is set to give a catalogue of his greatest music collection.

Among the most popular songs expected from Izrael include the old but classic singles like ‘Walibikila Umozi’, ‘ Kumvela ni Mvela,’ ‘ Siku yalelo’ and ‘Teti’.

This is a fully-packed weekend and Empire management believes there is more reward in hosting Zambian artistes as they are now on high demand.

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