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KAGEM Emerald Mine has moved a massive 3.5 million tonnes of rock over 7 months in order to relocate a key entry ramp into its Chama pit.

The company said the move reinforced Kagem’s determination to keep Zambia at the forefront of the coloured gemstone industry worldwide ensuring its responsible mining practices are under-pinned by world-class standards of efficiency.

Kagem emerald mine said this in a statement issued to Daily Nation.

The “deramping” project shifted the access road in record time and also confirmed the geology department’s advice that the area had a significant quantity of premium emeralds hidden below its surface.

The combined effort by Kagem’s geology, planning, mining and maintenance departments was recognised by the mine management, which presented them with Excellence Awards at a ceremony attended by group CEO Sean Gilbertson and Kagem board chairman Dr Sixtus Mulenga.

The F10 deramping project was a key part of the mine’s 2018 strategic plan and was completed in record time – three months ahead of schedule.

“Over the last two years the F10 area has been a constant source of production with some of our high-grade gemstones coming from there.

Over time we were, however, left with less than six months of ore mining due to pushback touching the toe of the ramp.

The deramping was taken on as an improvement project aimed at achieving continuity in production beyond the six months,” Kagem explained.

The company added that the decision was taken to mine the ramp, which entailed a total rock handling of 6.3 million tonnes generating 60,000 tonnes of high-grade ore over a period of 18 months.

Kagem is 75 percent owned by Gemfields in a model partnership with the Zambian government, which owns the remaining 25 percent.

Gemfields continues to be instrumental in putting Zambia on the world map as a competitive, reliable and trusted source of responsibly sourced gemstones.


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