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THE Patriotic Front has challenged Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba to expose Cabinet Ministers and party officials who are corrupt so the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) institute investigations.

And the party said Mr Kalaba was day dreaming by thinking of winning the 2021 general election as his party did not even have structures in the country.

PF deputy media director Antonio Mwanza told Daily Nation yesterday that Mr Kalaba should be bold enough to expose the corruption in PF government.

Mr Mwanza said Mr Kalaba was in government for a long time and must know the elements of corruption.

Mr Mwanza said the opposition leader was being hypocritical and only wanted to show Zambians that he was clean just to win an election.

Mr Mwanza claimed the opposition leader himself abused his office as minister by employing over 20 relatives in foreign Service.

“We challenge Mr Kalaba to point out the ministers who are corrupt and party officials so that they can be investigated.

And Mr Mwanza laughed off claims by Mr Kalaba that he would emerge victoriously in the 2021 general elections.

Mr Mwanza said Mr Kalaba was day dreaming because he does not even have party structures.

He wondered how the opposition leader who had no manifesto would win an election.

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