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YOU are politically dead and buried because the few individuals whom you hoodwinked to follow you will now dump you, the PF in Northern Province has told Harry Kalaba.

These sentiments come after Mr Kalaba’s unceremonious expulsion from the ruling PF.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, provincial chairperson Muma Chibwaya charged that Mr.  Kalaba messed up his political life due to insatiable appetite for power.

Mr. Chibwaya said since Mr. Kalaba had been claiming that he was popular, he saw no need for Mr. Kalaba to rush to court as did his rebel counterpart, Chishimba Kambwili but to allow a parliamentary by-election to take place.

“Mr. Kalaba has come to the end of his political career and must not blame anyone for his misfortune. He was accorded the avenue to correct his wrongs but because he was obsessed with being president of Zambia after being misled, he remained arrogant and since no individuals is bigger than the party, the law had to apply hence his suspension and we are more than ready to go and camp in his constituency during the campaign because we want to defeat him.

“This serves as a serious warning to other party members that truancy, arrogance and rebellion has no room in our party because we are governed by very strong principles hinged on democracy, Mr. Kalaba was just one of those people who pretended to be loyal to the party,” Mr. Chibwaya said.

He said Mr. Kalaba’s expulsion from the party will also give him enough and undivided time to mobilise his party since he had already declared that he was going to win the next general election and form government.

“We are looking forward to 2021. We have two rebels that will be pitted against us and that is Mr. Kalaba himself and Mr. Kambwili and their defeat will be a defining moment in the duo’s political lives.  The PF remains strong and we will crush these opposition political parties who are trying to come together to unseat us,” he said.

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