Kamba slams ‘dictatorial’ UPND leadership

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UPND will remain a dictatorship as long as it does not allow intra-party democracy to flourish, Lusaka Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba has warned.

Mr Kamba said this was why UPND should never be given a chance to rule because Zambia valued its democracy.

Mr. Kamba told the Daily Nation yesterday that as long as the UPND continued with handpicked leaders in its structures the party must never lecture anyone about democracy.

He said to prove a point it was a dictatorship, the party has been talking about going for a convention since 2015 and that while the country was slowly drifting towards the next general election, the idea of the convention was slowly dying.

He said former members such as Geoffrey Mwamba, Canisius Banda, Richard Kachingwe, among others, had all suffered ejection from the party for merely asking for sanity to return to the once vibrant party which came close to winning the elections in 2001.

He said the problem that was making the UPND stutter in elections was its leadership because they were more preoccupied with safeguarding their positions at the expense of the growth of the party.

He said it was laughable that the worst dictators in the UPND were accusing PF and President Edgar Lungu of being dictators who were trampling on democracy when they themselves were the major culprits within their party.

“Before UPND can come on the stage to lecture us about democracy, they must tell us when last they had intra-party elections where the members of the party were given an opportunity to choose leaders of their choice. It will not help them to pretend they are a democratic party founded on strong principles as they always say when they are doing the exact opposite.

“Now, imagine what will happen to a Zambia under a leader with such attributes of suffocating intra-party democracy. Just after the 2016 elections, we were told the party was going for a convention.

“Other people, like GBM were purged for fear that if they went to the convention with him on board, he will challenge their leader but still, there is no report of them going for that convention.

Is that a party that Zambians should put in power?” Mr. Kamba asked.

He said the UPND was headed for another loss in 2021 and should not blame it on rigging but on its leaders who had continued imposing themselves on the general membership.

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