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CHISHIMBA Kambwili and the UPND leadership are a clique of hypocrites because Kambwili, together with UPND Members of Parliament are among the first beneficiaries of the salary increments they now want to protest against, three opposition party leaders have charged.

The opposition leaders wondered why Mr Kambwili and the UPND MPs did not protest when they started receiving the revised salaries early this year.

Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) Wright Musoma, 3rd Liberation Movement’s Enock Tonga and Change Life Zambia leader John Kasongo said in separate interviews that the Roan constituency lawmaker and his proxies were hypocrites.

The three were reacting to plans by Mr Kambwili and the UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema to jointly hold demonstrations demanding for the revocation of the statutory instrument on the increase of the allowances and salaries for ministers, MPs and the Presidency.

Mr Musoma reiterated that Mr Kambwili and UPND parliamentarians should have rejected the new pay immediately the revision was done if they were genuine leaders as they claimed to be.

He observed that they had been quiet all this time because they were directly benefiting from the increment and are now crying foul because there were no ministers among them.

“Had they been appointed ministers, they would have been quiet, like they did when their salaries were revised last year. This is pure hypocrisy,” said Mr Musoma.

And Mr Kasongo and Mr Tonga also warned that inciting servants to protests against a government that employed them was criminal.

Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda had told the Daily Nation that the President had ordered the reversal of the new allowance through a memo to Secretary to the Cabinet dated November 13, 2018.

The scrapped monthly allowance of K32, 715.20 was introduced in January this year following the abolishing of personal to holder vehicles for minister and government officials

For salaries, Members of Parliament, Ministers and all constitutional officer holders had their perks adjusted in January 2018 as per government gazette which can be purchased from Government Printers.

Unlike ministers, MPs started receiving their adjusted salaries in January 2018.

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