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CHISHIMBA Kambwili needs mental evaluation for nonsensical statements he continues to make and for  not knowing where he was supposed to belong, Zambia Repulic Party President Wright Musoma has charged.

Reacting to Mr Kambwilis remarks that he is not fighting to stay in the Patriotic Front  party but to maintain his parliamentary seat, Mr Musoma said if  the NDC consultant want maintain his seat, he should relinquish himself from the seat he won under PF and stand as an independent candidate or on his party.

He said that what Mr Kambwili is saying is not making sense and called for a mental evaluation to ascertain his mental capacity.

“Mr Kambwili needs help because what he is saying is not making sense.He is in court for multiple fogery and corruption charges he has no moral or ethical right to condem people who are not in court.

If he wants to maintain the Roan seat he should relinquish this seat which he won through PF the party which he later ditched or reconcile with PF,”he said.

Mr Musoma said it is clear the dialogue is meant for Presidents but it’s confusing to see Mr Kambwili who is a former minister abrogating the law.  And Mr Musoma said he is not taking Mr Kambwilis claim that his party is being paid by the ruling party seriously  because he might be arguing with a person who is mentally upright.

Meanwhile third Liberation Party president Enock Tonga has challenged Mr Kambwili to show proof that his party is being paid by the ruling party to bar him from attending the dialogue meeting.

In a telephone interview Mr Tonga said the Luanshya law maker should retract his statement within 24 hours or he will take legal action against him for accusing him of being on a paid crusade to prevent him from attending the dialogue meeting.

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