Kambwili refuses to give DEC any information on drug trafficking allegation

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Chishimba Kambwili has refused to give any information to the Drug Enforcement commission regarding accusations of Drug trafficking involving President Edgar Lungu and businessman Valden Findlay.

Mr Kambwili who this morning appeared before the DEC for questioning said he no longer takes the Commission serious due to their failure to investigate serious matters in the past.

He told Journalists that his summoning was a sheer waste of time as they cannot investigate the matter.

Mr Kambwili lamented that the DEC has despite him reporting failed to investigate the K30 million disbursed by the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund and the vehicles procured by the PF distributed to their women and youth league’s.

Mr Kambwili who has been sued by Mr Findlay accused DEC of wanting to use any information they will collect against him.

Mr Kambwili said even in his confused state of mind, he cannot give any information to the DEC.

And DEC Assistant Public Relations Officer Kamufinsa Manchishi said the Commission will continue investigating the matter.

He said Mr Kambwili was summoned to provide any further information he may have regarding the accusations he made and not to harass him.

Mr Manchishi said Mr Kambwili is protected like any other whistleblower and information collected from him was for investigation purposes.

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