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CHISHIMBA Kambwili has pledged to deliver Copperbelt to the United Party for National Development (UPND) through his charisma and popularity.

This was part of the package which was agreed with the UPND when it settled to step down and not file a candidate in the Roan constituency by-election.

Some NDC members boycotted the election of the new Roan lawmaker due to Kambwili’s decision to side with UPND.

Details are emerging that the NDC consultant begged UPND leadership to support him to win the Roan seat
because he could not do so alone especially that the candidate, his relative, was not endorsed by party members and even led to a boycott.

NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge however told the Daily Nation that the party central committee, would soon sit to decide the fate of Mr Kambwili whether to reinstate him as its consultant or not.

Mr Musenge said as a custodian of the opposition party, his stance to disown Mr Kambwili still stood.

He said he would soon call an urgent meeting to determine whether the former lawmaker could be given another chance or be sidelined in the party.

Mr Musenge who congratulated Mr Kambwili for helping the party to win the by election, said the central committee needed to make a conclusive decision in the best interest of the party.

“This is a serious issue so we need to sit down as a central committee. We were just waiting for by-elections to end so that we see the way forward.

“I will soon call for a meeting as the secretary general as a custodian of the party to discuss the fate of Mr Kambwili as well as other matters surrounding our party,” Mr Musenge said.

Mr Musenge said it was normal for party members to have differences but there was need to have a holistic approach to address the issues for the betterment of the party.

He said as secretary general, he would not let the party crumble because of few disgruntled individuals.

The former Copperbelt provincial minister said it was prudent for the political party to have a leadership that could help grow the party.

Mr Musenge said the party had a constitution which members and those aligned to it must abide by.

Meanwhile Mr Musenge said the victory in the justended by election clearly showed that the party was growing.

Mr Musenge said the party would continue to mobilise so that it could start commanding some parts of the country.

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