Kapijimpanga’s assurance to youths

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Dear Editor,

IT is good that Zambia is committed towards the plight of young people.

This follows assurances by Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga to youths attending a “Vision for Future -2019 Summit.”

The  “Vision for Future – 2019” which focuses on International Humanitarian Cooperation to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), should be a stepping stone for young people to excel in life.

Already, data indicates that Zambia is committed towards meeting SDGs set by the United Nations.

So the country should work with progressive nations such as India and Russia as well as inspired minds such as the delegates at the summit.

It’s good that five vibrant youths from Zambia – Ibrahim Mwamba, Mabvuto Tembo, Misheck Muzungu, Jerome Kanyika and Kalaluka Sepiso – will join the summit to share experiences and learn from their colleagues.

Young people in the country should also be stimulated by Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila who said the party will create more jobs for young people by 2030.

The threat of youth unemployment to Zambia’s peace and security is uncontested.

The opportunity cost of not fighting the vice is extremely high to both the youth and society.

Consequences of youth unemployment include crime, alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution, including political violence.

Youths are ever being relegated to slogan chanting and alcohol consumption without a purpose.

It’s sad that our youth of today are very materialistic.  Whilst this is not segmented to the youth alone, it becomes a point of discussion because materialistic desires and consumerism has made the youth to become the vilest in today’s Zambia’s political history.

While the county makes strides to empower young people, they must realise that this is an opportunity for them to come on board to lead better lives.



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