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RESIDENTS of Kasempa have welcomed the valuation of properties by Kasempa Town Council.

The residents said the process would enable the local authority to raise revenue for service delivery.

Kasempa Town Council has engaged the Government Valuation Department to evaluate properties in the district.

Some residents said in separate interviews the exercise was well intended as it would widen the revenue base of the local authority.

Ntantabobwa Matafwali, a teacher, said she welcomed the idea of the council carrying out a valuation for property rates.

Ms Matafwali said she did not object to the idea but was hopeful the money to be raised would enable the council to grade roads and carry out various development projects for the benefit of communities.

“The valuation exercise is a government programme which should be supported by all well-meaning Kasempa residents,” she said.

The valuation team explained to landlords that they would be called to the council for a meeting once the exercise was concluded.

It said the exercise was meant for property rates which would be paid to the council every after six months.

Another resident, Albert Mpasela, said the valuation would help the local authority to deliver better services to the people of Kasempa.

However, some residents such as John Munkinyi expressed ignorance and asked whether land and property rates were the same and asked for clarification.

Mr Munkinyi said he looked forward to the meeting which would be called by the council so that he would ask all his burning questions.

He said the good part was that the money the council would ask property owners to pay would not be exorbitant as each house would have its own property rate depending on its size as well as unique features such as floor and wall tiles.

But the Government Valuation Department team said all properties in Kasempa District would be captured and a specific property rate allocated to a particular property.

The team, in collaboration with council officers, has been conducting the valuation process since last week.

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