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MATERO Member of Parliament Lloyd Kaziya has not implemented any development project in the constituency since becoming lawmaker in 2016, says Lusaka Mayor and immediate past MP Miles Sampa.

When contacted for a comment yesterday, Mr Kaziya said he would not fight Mr Sampa and that he was aware why he made such remarks against him.

He said Mr Sampa should not fight him but that he should instead ‘let lying dogs lie’.

Mr. Sampa was speaking in Matero constituency’s Kapwepwe Ward 25 on Saturday when he presented an award for the cleanest house to Ms. Sherita Chiyaba of Lilanda Compound.

The Lusaka mayor said the MP was an absentee leader who had failed to perform as well as represent the needs of his constituents.

Mr Sampa warned that he would be forced to consider bouncing back as Matero MP if Mr Kaziya did not pull up his socks or he would rally behind a hardworking candidate in 2021.

He said he did not hate Mr Kaziya whom he referred to as his brother but that instead of the MP attacking him through the media he should make himself available in Matero.

“Tell your MP to pull up his socks before I start thinking of coming back to Matero as your MP in 2021 or I consider sponsoring a very hardworking councilor like Salubusa as MP,” Mr  Sampa said as the crowd cheered.

The mayor expressed disappointment at the performance of Matero constituency’s Lusaka Tigers Football Club since Mr Kaziya took over as MP.

“When I left as your MP Lusaka Tigers was in the Premier League but immediately Kaziya took over he neglected the club and today it is in division three,” Mr Sampa said.

He also took a swipe at Mr Kaziya for telling a tabloid newspaper that Mr Sampa was benefitting financially from the lease agreement involving Matero Stadium.

But when contacted, Kapwepwe Ward 25 councillor Mwamba Salubusa declined to comment on the mayor’s allegations that the MP had failed to perform, saying both leaders were his bosses.

Matero residents have in the recent past registered displeasure at the failure by their MP to facilitate development in the area.

Some Matero East residents for instance, have accused the MP of failing to solve the problem of bad roads and erratic water supply in the area despite being a resident himself.

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