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KONKOLA Copper Mine (KCM) is taking advantage of Government’s diplomatic approach to its shortcoming but must not push its luck too far, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) leader Wright Musoma has warned.

On Sunday, Mines Minister Richard Musukwa challenged KCM to inform Government if it had failed to run the mine owing to a number of shortcomings such as failing to pay suppliers and its contractors.

Mr. Musukwa said Government would have kicked out KCM a long time ago if PF was a brutal regime, but that Zambia would follow laid down procedures.

He said Government’s stance on KCM’s must not be misconstrued for failure but that it was merely giving the company a last chance to redeem itself.

And speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Musoma said KCM was pushing Government too far and that if the mining giant had failed to run its companies, it must say so as opposed to trying to strain the relationship with Government purposefully.

He warned KCM against trying to create an impression that Zambia was a bad business destination when not. “KCM should not think that they are better than other mining companies in Zambia and must not tarnish our reputation as an investment destination to the outside world because we have a good business environment.

If KCM cannot pay contractors, how will they survive? How are other mining companies managing to clear their bills?

“As ZRP, we have said time without number that the issue of outsourcing of labour in the name of engaging expatriates when we have skilled manpower among Zambians who are competent enough to execute duties seemingly reserved for foreigners must not be condoned,” Mr. Musoma said.

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