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KONKOLA Copper Mines has been using lacunas in the agreements signed by Government to steal from the Zambians and we must all unite over its imminent departure, former Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) national deputy treasurer Emmanuel Sikanyika has said.

Mr. Sikanyika, an international relations specialist, yesterday told the Daily Nation that having worked with the mines for 11 years, he had come to the conclusion that KCM was not only a bad investor but an exploitative employer paying its workers peanuts.

He said as hard as the decision to part company with the mining giant may seem to be, that was the only option available because KCM had not been sincere in its business.

KCM, he added, was preoccupied with milking the country of its resources while giving back less.

“KCM have never been genuine right from inception. As a former national deputy treasurer for the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) my opinion is that the company has no corporate integrity and is premised on swindling our country.

“Even good governance activists from outside the country have attested to KCM’s crookedness.

“This may be a hard decision to make there is no other option than to let the company go because it has failed to honour all its obligations and live up to the expectations of Zambians. We all need to unite behind Government’s decision because we can’t continue enriching foreign companies,” Mr. Sikanyika said.  He said the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was one of the worst.

“We all need to rise and stop this blackmail as there are other reputable investors that can come on board. This is also tantamount to neocolonialism where stronger nations continue to systematically deplete our resources while creating never ending poverty and terming us incapable of managing our own countries,‘‘ said Mr Sikanyika

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