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KITWE Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has narrated in a Kitwe magistrate’s court how he woke up to find his television set, three laptops and some cash missing from his home after a break-in.

Mr Kang’ombe said on August 23 last year he woke up at 05:00 hours and walked to the living room where he discovered that the television set was missing from where it was mounted.

He said at this point he realised that there was a breakin and proceeded to the kitchen and found the door partially opened.

The mayor said he checked his home office and discovered that three laptops were missing as well as K4,000.

He was testifying before Kitwe Magistrate Dominic Lesa in the burglary and theft trial involving Emmanuel Chisha and Webby Mupeta.

The two are alleged to have stolen the property and cash valued at K31, 000 from his Riverside home.

He said on November 11 last year the police called him and informed him that one suspect had been apprehended in connection with the burglary.

Mr Kang’ombe said the suspect was then taken to his residence where he demonstrated how he broke into the house through the kitchen.

The mayor also identified two out of his three laptops which were stolen.

Mr Lesa has since adjourned the matter to March 26 for ruling after the state closed the case against the two.

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