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A police officer has narrated in a Livingstone magistrate court that Alliance for Community Action deputy executive director, Bornwell Mwewa, tore his shirt at the police station.

This is in a trial involving Mwewa and his executive director Laura Miti when it commenced yesterday.

The two are charged with disorderly conduct and assault on police officers.

Yesterday, the matter came up before Magistrate Michael Mulalelo.

Mr Kalema Manjomba, who is officer in charge at Livingstone Central Police Station narrated that his shirt was torn by Mwewa after he refused to give them access to Fumba Chama also known as Pilato who was detained in police custody.

In his evidence, Mr Manjomba said he was at home  on December 21, 2019 when he received a call from woman constable Simasho who was the shift officer, that there were people from Lusaka who wanted to see Chama (Pilato).

Mr Mankoma said he went to the police station to go and attend to the people. The officer in charge said that when he reached the police station, he introduced himself and in return, Ms Miti and Mr Mwewa introduced themselves and told him that they wanted to see Chama.

“I informed them (Ms Miti and Mr Mwewa) that it was not possible to see a suspect who is in police custody and therefore should return to the police the following day

“Upon telling them so, male Bornwell Mwewa got annoyed got hold of my shirt by neck and pushed me down,” he told Court. Mr Manjomba said it was at that point that Deputy Inspector Silwamba who was the officer on call came to his aid but unfortunately, Mr Mwewa turned on him too and started beating him.

“It was during this process that the female Laura Miti joined in the beating of Silwamba and woman Constable Simasho who attempted to stop the beating. Laura Miti kicked Constable Simasho,” Mr Manjomba said. Trial continues.

He told Court that later, the other officers on duty joined and managed to detain the duo in police custody.

In cross examination, Linda Kasonde the lawyer of the accused persons, asked Mr Manjomba to tell Court whether the two accused persons’ behaviour was unruly when he arrived at the inquiries office.

In response, Mr Manjomba said that the two only became unruly after being told that they could not see Chama because it was late.

Another lawyer Brian Gombwa asked Mr Manjomba whether it was wrong for any Zambian to visit the police after 23:00 hours and make an inquiry of a suspect the question he said it is not wrong.

Mr Manjomba on the other hand had a tough time to answer a question when he was asked if he was not drunk on that particular day.

The matter has been adjourned to February 12 and 13, 2020 for continued trail after the state called two more witnesses later in the afternoon and set February 10, 2020 as the day and date when Fumba Chama popularly known as Pilato would appear for plea.

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