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Dear Editor,

I AM compelled to write about the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) suing the President of the Republic of Zambia over the constitution amendment bill.

I know this matter is now in court but I am wondering why LAZ has allowed itself to be taken over by the UPND. This is shameful and retrogressive to say the least.

 Everybody knows that the President has immunity against prosecution and therefore this is just wasting the courts’ time.

This is all just part of the UPND failed project of instigating regime change using any means  possible. Unfortunately they are using wrong tactics which are foolish to say the least.

When people and organisations were being called to take part in the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) where was LAZ and its clique of civil society organisations.

I know times are hard and people have to make a living, but the desperation being shown some individuals and organisations is unbelievable.

Honestly, all this nonsense is totally unnecessary.

I agree with President Lungu’s statement that detractors will try thing to distract government from doing its job.

This is what this campaign is all about.

An attempt to distract the President and his team from doing their best to develop the country.

 I have personally lost respect for the UPND and its leader.

I thank God that Zambians are too wise to fall for such shenanigans and circus that the opposition UPDN has become.


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