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LUSAKA City Council (LCC) police may soon be engaged in the clean-up exercise of the city apart from providing sanity, mayor Miles Sampa has intimated.

Mr Sampa said he wanted council police to be cleaning the city as a way of keeping them busy, but noted that he was facing resistance from within the municipality.

The Mayor said it was wrong for the council police to be harassing or physically manhandling street vendors.

He noted that good progress had been made on cleaning up the city, but bemoaned the poor mind-set of people which inhibited sustained cleanliness.

“I am sure you saw the ‘Ubusaka’ campaign that I launched recently, but I think the biggest challenge is to change the mind-set of not only the residents, but also that of employees of the city council,

“I was told that council police cannot clean the city because their job is only to provide safety and sanity in the city and not cleaning, but I don’t believe in that, I believe that everyone who is available should be able to clean when need arose. “And I am also aware of a public outcry on the issue of council police allegedly mishandling street vendors,” said Mr Sampa.

But Mr Sampa appealed to street vendors to go back to their markets because street vending was illegal.

He said council police had a right to arrest perpetrators and those breaking the law, but they had no right to start brutalising them.

“Street vending is illegal, according to the Local Government Act, and it was identified as one of the major causes of cholera outbreak in previous year,” he said.

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