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Dear Editor,

We may not agree with our leaders in government positions, but does this mean we should not show respect to the office they hold?

The opposition in Zambia is topping the list of a group of people that has lamentably failed to respect those in authority for very frivolous reasons.

Take Chishimba Kambwili and Hakainde Hichilema who have made their daily business to belittle and insult those in authority.

For HH, may be it is easy to understand why because loing elections five times are not only disgraceful but hurtful to the heart.

But that does not make any better because he still remains a loser and he may lose elections again in 2021 if he does not change the way of playing politics.

Like I have said before, UPND has failed to tell us voters how it intends to do things differently from PF for the betterment of the lives of Zambians.

As for Mr Kambwili, it is all evident to note that that he is not a leader let alone presidential material.

He lacks political clout to attract even the dullest voter. He is a total time waster and this perhaps explains why he has one led in PF and the other in NCD. Unfortunately, this type of politics appears to be the only signature tune for our opposition in this country.

They believe by insulting those in authority, they will win sympathy from ordinary Zambians.

For me, unless our opposition changes the way it is playing its politics, it should as well forget 2021.

It will go to PF regardless who stands for the presidency.

It is time for the opposition to grow up and begin to play issue-based politics.

Zenele Chintheng’u

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