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CHIEF Mumena of the Kaonde speaking people of Kalumbila district has called for concerted efforts in the fight against cancer.

The traditional leader notes that nothing is insurmountable as the disease can be overcome provided efforts are put together.

He said there are many ways of fighting cancer provided people stop looking at it as a medical condition. ‘’To fight cancer we need leadership, this is a condition that is going to require concerted leadership in order to lead the fight against cancer. And we should desist from looking at it as just one of those things, this is real,’’ the traditional leader said.

Chief Mumena was speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday. He said he is aware that as much as cervical cancer is ravaging the women folk, their spouses have a part to play to prevent it.

He said one of the key ways to prevent it is through voluntary male circumcision because the germ that passes on cervical cancer is found in men.

‘’And therefore, the men have a key role to play in ensuring that they help their spouse not to contract cervical cancer,’’ he said.

He said as much as medical personnel are the front line soldiers, every individual has a role to play in the fighting the deadly disease.

‘’And it is therefore important that every public function carries out a message on the fight against the disease,’’ he said.

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