Luano dwellers bemoan poor cellular grid

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RESIDENTS of Kalubula area of Luano have bemoaned the poor cellular network services in the region.

The residents complained that the cellular network was poor in the area and that one would usually only access it from a hill.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, Kalubula Primary School Head teacher, Connwell Hansangwa, said a person needed to walk about four kilometres from the school to find network.

Mr. Hansangwa said the absence of a network also created a challenge to the school in terms of accessing Information Communication and Technology (ICT) teaching lesson due to lack of internet.

Mr. Hansangwa said the situation also created a challenge for teachers in the process of upgrading their studies to communicate with the various learning institutions due to lack of cellular network.

Mr. Hansangwa appealed to the  government to facilitate the erection of Airtel or MTN towers in the area to improve the situation.

Ms Brenda Chikumba, another resident in the area, said the cellular networks were only accessible from selected anti- hills.

Ms. Chikumba said the situation was so bad that it needed urgent attention from the relevant authorities.

When contacted on the matter, Mkushi District Commissioner Luka Mwamba confitrmed that Kalubula area had a serious challenge with cellular network.

Mr. Mwamba however disclosed that the district has been given 12 extra Zamtel network towers which will also benefit Kalubula area.

“We have been given additional 12 ZAMTEL towers in the district that will be constructed and Kalubula is also targeted,” Mr. Mwamba said.

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