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LUANSHYA Municipal Council will spend K3 million on rehabilitation of the Luanshya-Ndola roand and other strategic stretches.

The local authority has mobilised resources to ensure that strategic roads were attended to in the interim period.

Council Public Relations Manager Gideon Thole said the temporary pothole patching would be done on the Luanshya-Ndola Road from the town centre to Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway.

He said the pothole-mending would also be done on other strategic roads which were adversely affected by the heavy rainfall.

Mr Thole added that the council had started mobilising resources for road markings on the township roads.

He said the local authority would carry out temporary works on strategic roads while waiting for the full-scale road rehabilitation and maintenance under the C400 programme.

Mr Thole explained that the C400 township road project and the stretch from Fisenge -Masangano up to Luanshya Civics Centre junction would be done after the rainy season

“The Luanshya Municipal Council Engineering Services Department is working closely with stakeholders such as the Road Development Agency (RDA) and the National Road Fund Agency.

“This will facilitate for the temporal maintenance works on the welcome-to-Luanshya stretch which is under threat due to heavy rain,” he said.

Mr Thole said the welcome-to-Luanshya stretch was part of the strategic inter-mine town road network which connected Luanshya to other Copperbelt cities of Kitwe and Ndola whose maintenance was under the RDA.

He said the Bus and Taxi Owners Association of Zambia (BTOAZ) had donated 90 pockets cement for temporarily works on H-Figo and parts of the second class trading area roads.

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