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IN a twist turn of events, Luapula Province councillors yesterday successfully elected four delegates to represent the region at the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ)  April 13 Annual General Meeting (AGM) despite their earlier petition for a adjournment of the meeting.

Fourteen Clubs out of 16 on Tuesday appealed to FAZ to postpone the meeting until it provided the electoral code of conduct, but the soccer body remained adamant and said through the general secretary Adrian Kashala that they will not allow some individuals to frustrate their work.

The meeting which was held at Mansa Lodge in Mansa saw the election of Joseph Mwale (Pambashe Tigers), Michael Mumba (Samfya Rockets), Mweemba Mujala (Chipembele Police) and Martin Chuma (Luapula Football Association).

Luapula is the first province to elect four delegate in accordance with article 22 (D) of the FAZ constitution.

The article states:  40 delegates  representing the regional leagues  who shall have 40  votes distributed  equally  among  the regions  with each  region represented  by four  delegates and four votes.

Present at the meeting was FAZ vice president Rix Mweemba who called on councillors to first study the constitution to avoid misunderstandings.

““The best way if there is an issue as members is that it should be addressed in a proper way as set by the constitution, administrators must not let coaches speak for clubs. Do not let technical people be the ones directing you on what to do. It will be like turning the tables upside down. Let us use ethical means of resolving differences and not ride on negativity,” he said.

Northern Province is today set to hold its provincial meeting.

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