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IT IS a mark of cowardice and sheer lack of respect for people to be attacking President Edgar Lungu in hostile media houses where he cannot defend himself, says Church of God Cathedral of Miracles Bishop Naison Nyonyo.

Bishop Nyonyo urged some misguided opponents to President Lungu to stop issuing alarming and vague statements devoid of truth because they will not manage to bring him down as he is destined to lead the country beyond 2021.

Commenting on Brebnar Changala’s statement that President Lungu was an accomplice to all criminal and corrupt elements, Bishop Nyonyo said such statements were not a show of bravity but lack of respect for the Head of State and that those with such vulgar language against the President must be carpeted.

He said President Lungu was one of the leaders who were running government with honesty and sincerity and that because he could not defend himself against those attacking him using hostile media houses, he had become a target for scorn.

He however appealed to those with dissenting views to the PF government to bring out their issues with maturity and credibility as opposed to demonising the Head of State at any given opportunity.

“It is sad that there are people who are only preoccupied with attacking President Lungu at any given opportunity but this must not be condoned. President Lungu is the Head of State and must be respected even by those who do not agree with him.

“Our position as the church is that we will continue praying for him so that he continues leading this country until the 2021 elections and we know that he will still retain the presidency because he has been honest in his discharge of duty,” Bishop Nyonyo said.

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