Lungu for humble clergy

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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has challenged the clergy to be humble and not to feel they are holier than others.

He said the clergy were servants of the people, who should embrace humility just like Jesus Christ did.

Mr Lungu was speaking at Christ the King Ministries International Church in the sprawling Nkwazi Township in Ndola yesterday where he congregated along with senior Government officials.

The President noted that some clergy, who gathered in ultra-modern buildings, thought they were the Church and felt holier than others. “I challenge the clergy who feel are holier than others to worship in truth. Those who are angry with me should take me on,” he said.

Mr Lungu said the Church through Jesus Christ resided in one’s heart and not in the nature of the building they worshipped from.  He stated that people preferred to go to other countries to get healing and breakthroughs as if the country had no men and women of anointing.

He added that Zambians had little faith in their own as they felt the country was not doing well economically and religiously.

Meanwhile, Christ the King Ministries International overseer, Prophet Charles Mumba, advised the nation to be true worshippers who recognised God in truth and in spirit. Prophet Mumba said in his sermon that the deeds of a true worshipper needed to reflect in their everyday dealings and actions.

He said it was worrisome to have a Christian nation that consisted of people who harboured so much anger and hatred for others.

Prophet Muba noted that some clergy were taking advantage of children in the churches when they were the ones that the people turned to.

He said the spirit of God was love and a true worshipper should not hold grudges against others.

He further prayed for the president to have strength in all his weaknesses and focus on the agenda given to him by God.

He said those who wanted to fight God’s purpose were fighting a losing battle.

The prophet further refuted allegations circulating on social media that he had been paid by Government to reject visitation to his church by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema last week on Sunday.

He said he was not a politician as his church consisted of members from various political parties.

Prophet Mumba said he had foreseen the possibility of a conflict if he allowed Mr Hichilema to visit the church at that particular time.

He further told the Head of State that some of his Ministers meant well while some had their own agenda and advised him not to trust them but to love them.


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