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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has called for robust and innovative financing mechanisms to drive the agenda for Universal Health Coverage in Africa.

President Lungu has also called on governments to increase domestic funding for the health sector, while at the same time cultivating healthcare partnerships with multilateral institutions and the private sector.

He emphasised that human capital development would ultimately culminate in sustainable economic and social development.

 In a speech read by Zambia’s Minister of Health, Chitalu Chilufya, President Lungu stated that he was an ardent advocate for Universal Health Coverage.

“It is imperative that Africa developed resilient health systems capable of delivering Universal Health Coverage using an integrated primary health care approach. Zambia is determined to increase domestic allocation to the health sector to meet the requirements of the Abuja Declaration.

“It is imperative that access to quality and affordable health care is provided to citizens to foster an environment suitable for national development. Zambia regards innovative health care financing as a key driver in the attainment of UHC,” President Lungu said.

The Joint Africa Leadership Meeting was chaired by Paul Rwandan President Kagame, who is chairperson of the African Union.  The meeting noted remarkable progress made by African governments in improving life expectancy and health outcomes.

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