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ZAMBIAN DNA has commended President Edgar Lungu for being passionate about empowering citizens in our country.

Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa said the Head of State demonstrated that he had a heart for the people through the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund (PEIF) as many citizens, including women, marketeers, and vendors have benefited from the said fund, and many more are yet to benefit.

He said while President Lungu was busy empowering the needy and vulnerable people in society, some greedy and rich opposition political leaders had literally done nothing to help the vulnerable and needy in society.

“Its sheer hypocrisy for the said political party leaders to continue criticizing President Lungu for delivering on his campaign promises to the Zambian people when they have done nothing to change the status quo,” he said.

By extending a helping hand to the needy and poor in our society, President Lungu has demonstrated his strong belief in our Christian values and principles, Mr Mulemwa said.

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