Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa

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Dear Editor,

LUSAKA Mayor Miles Bwalya Sampa is hard working. This can be attested to by a number of development projects he has achieved from the time he was elected.

He has ensured that sanity and cleanliness in the city have been upheld, street vending has been curtailed following the recruitment of council police officers and curbing of illegal land allocation among others.

I recall vividly that His Worship the Mayor pledged prior to his election that there wouldn’t be any outbreak of cholera.

True to his word, there is no cholera outbreak across the capital city unlike last year when so many lives were lost.

This was very unfortunate.

However, the prevention of outbreak of cholera is a landmark achievement because the Zambian government spent colossal sums of money which could have been channeled to other sectors of the national economy.

Mayor Sampa has brought his vast experience from the corporate world particularly the banking industry.

His wealth of experience will slowly but surely transform the local authority to operate like an enterprise.

Ultimately, this will ensure that the local authority operates profitably.

Mr. Sampa as a former lawmaker and Cabinet Minister, he has a proven track record of delivering development.

In a nutshell, the Lusaka Mayor walks the talk.

The Lusaka Mayor outlined a number things he will do during his tenure of office. These are contained in the social contract he signed upon being elected as the Mayor of Lusaka.

To achieve the development agenda he has set, there is need for individuals and the corporate entities to support the mayor.

Development being a gradual process, we should fully support our mayor. In this way, a lot will be achieved.


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