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LUSAKA residents have expressed concern over the increased number of street children who have now turned the main post office flyover bridge into their home.

The residents described the area as a death trap because some children reportedly also attacked pedestrians and robbed them of their property.

Mark Sangwa, a business owner in the Central Business District, said the Lusaka City Council (LCC), Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) and law enforcements officers should move in to ensure the situation is controlled.

He said the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare (MCDSW) should establish why there was an increase because the situation was worrisome.

“We commend efforts that have been made in clearing Lusaka streets but we need the relevant authorities to bring back sanity to the main post office flyover bridge. The place has become dangerous and unbearable,” Mr Sangwa said. “Despite being near Lusaka Central Police Station, the street kids have been using the area to attack students and other business owners who use the bridge. Can the authorities please do something about it,” he said.

Mr Sangwa said despite having a fee paying toilet, the squatters had continued using the bridge to relieve themselves.

“In addition to the place being scary, it also smells bad because they use it as a toilet,” he said.

Another Lusaka resident, Sililo Mola, observed that the children had also been having illicit sexual activities under the bridge.

He said most street girls are victims of sexual abuse because they have no one to protect them from the boys and young men who prey on them.

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