Lusambo doing commendable job

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Dear editor,


Kabushi lawmaker and Lusaka Province Minister Honourable Bowman Lusambo is doing a commendable job by ensuring that there is sanity in the capital city and in government institutions.

Honourable Lusambo last year embarked on impromptu visits early in the morning to some Government ministries government institutions to check on the time workers report for work. It was established that most civil servants report for work late which is counterproductive and unacceptable. This is because the workers’ attitude is wrong.

The Lusaka Province Minister made the impromptu visit to Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) offices some time last year. He found very long queues of people waiting to access various services and there were few offices on duty to serve the former. He bemoaned the poor services rendered to the people and he described the RTSA officers’ work culture as being poor.

Honourable Lusambo last year intercepted some police officers who mounted an illegal roadblock on Mungwi Road in which the officers collected more than K4,000.00 from the motorists within an hour. The erring police officers were nabbed and suspended for committing an offence whilst on duty.

If the above are not good enough, Honourable Lusamabo just recently has halted the illegality in the allocation of the plots and construction of the structures by the suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres on the land reserved for Zambia Railways in Lusaka’s Chilenje South.

In my foregone conclusion, let me hasten to mention here that Honourable Lusambo is doing a commendable job in striving to bring sanity to Lusaka Province. He needs the support of all Zambians. Keep it up with the good works and this is the true measure of leadership.


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