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PROSECUTE people dumping garbage at Mahatma Gandhi school grounds in Mtendere compound, say residents.

Ms Peggy Thole of section B area is concerned that some people have continued to dump garbage at the school premises despite several complaints from the school management including the area councillor Whiteson Mtonga.

Ms Thole charged that people who were behind the indiscriminate dumping  of garbage were mainly the residents including marketers trading behind the school premises.

She observed that most of the residents did not subscribe to waste management department, and therefore any idle place was turned into a dump site.

Ms Thole added that if no action would be taken, school going children including the community would easily get infections once the rains started. Getrude Kuseni also complained that the pilling of garbage at the school was worrisome, because pupils use the ground for sports discipline.

Ms Kuseni has since called on Lusaka City Council to work with the community and neighbourhood watch committee to be patrolling the ground because the illegality was done during the night.

She said there was need for the local authority through the Public Health Department to remain active in dealing with uncollected garbage including sanitation, among other health issues.

 Ms Kuseni also called on the council to ensure that sanity was restored on mechanics that were running garages in communities as they also contributed to pilling up of garbage.

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