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GOVERNMENT should provide life jackets and banana boats to people of Mailo ward in Serenje to reduce cases of drowning on Lake Lusiwasi, councillor Patrick Munshya has said.

Mr. Munshya said in an interview that, there was need by the government to ensure that banana boats and life jackets were provided to Mailo Ward to save lives.

He said cases of drowning had become common as majority of people living around the dam depended on fishing but had no life jackets or better boats.

 “I am appealing to our able government to provide banana boats and life jackets because this is about lives of people.

Any organisation or well-wishers can come to the aid of the people of Lusiwasi to save lives,” he said.

He said many lives were being lost through the use of handmade dug-out canoes on the lake as they easily capsized.

Mr. Munshya said the problem of drowning was compounded by the use of damaged patched canoes, and absence of professional divers in the district to save people at risk of drowning or even retrieve bodies from the lake.

He said as a result, it took five days recently to retrieve the bodies of two men who drowned.

And Mr Munshya has urged people of Mailo to refrain from illegal fishing because of the risks of drowning especially that fishermen were using dugout canoes.

He said his office, working with traditional and the community leadership embarked on sensitising the community about the dangers of illegal fishing.

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