Maintain discipline, Lungu tells PF

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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has called for discipline in all structures of the Patriotic Front as discipline is the bridge to where the party wants to take the country into the future.

President Lungu said this when he opened the PF Central Province intraparty elections conference at Mulungushi Rock of Authority yesterday.

“Discipline is the bridge to where we are now and where we want to take this country into the future. I want a disciplined party which strives on ideas as its currency of exchange at both intraparty and interparty levels,” he said.


Mr Lungu said Zambians had entrusted the PF with the mandate to develop the nation in line with the PF manifesto, 7th National Development Plan and vision 2030.

He said without discipline the desired goals and accomplishments of promises would become empty rhetoric.

“In the PF there is no room for violence and I want this message to sink in all layers. I must emphasis that the most discipline that endures is self-discipline” Mr Lungu said.

He also urged those taking part in the forthcoming parliamentary and council chairperson by-elections to maintain discipline.

“PF will lead by example in the coming by-elections.

Let us win in peace and not in violence. We have been given leadership of the country, we must protect it. I know there are people who do not care, but I care and the PF cares,” he said.

Mr Lungu said he expected PF leaders and government leaders to lead by example because no one individual was irreplaceable.

He also said the convening of the PF intraparty conference was a demonstration that the party in the province was intact and alive.

He said he was confident that the conference would address issues that were affecting the party in the province. Mr Lungu also emphasised that the ruling party was anchored on the grassroots.

“Our founding father late President Michael Sata established our party as a grassroots movement. That is our identification and strength of the Patriotic Front,” he said.

Mr Lungu said the views of the party on any matters whether social, economic or political were grassroots oriented.  “From experience, we know that the grassroots provide us with best ideas upon which we continue to build this great country,” he said.  He called upon all PF members in Central Province and across the 10 provinces of Zambia to get back to the grassroots and conduct mobilization.

He also reaffirmed his commitment to work with the most vulnerable with the view of uplifting them from their challenges. The President also said he would not hesitate to part company with anyone and anything that derailed the PP ideals.

And Central Province PF chairman Chanda Mutale, who is defending the position, said the intra party elections being held were a clear demonstration of PF democracy.

“This conference demonstrates your great leadership values as a true democrat and equally a testimony of the fact that the PF unlike all those other parties respects and practices the great values and tenets of democracy,” Mr Mutale said.

Mr Mutale also said the party in the province had endorsed President Lungu as presidential candidate for the PF in the 2021 general elections.


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