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A 31-YEAR- OLD man of Libuyu Township in Livingstone has died on the queue while waiting to be attended to at the Livingstone Central Hospital.

Mubuyaeta Mutwena died on Monday afternoon after being taken to the hospital by his relatives around 07:30 hours but was only attended to after his situation worsened.

Family relatives who complained of the health personnel’s behavior to the Daily Nation demanded for action from those in authority.

George Banda, a brother in-law to the deceased complained that health personnel at the province’s referral hospital were not doing what they were employed to do at the expense of providing health services to the people.

Mr. Banda, who resides at house No. A123 Libuyu Township and other relatives took Mubuyaeta to the hospital in the morning but by 12:00 hours, he was still in the queue despite being one of the earliest.

“We took him to Batoka hospital which is under the central hospital on Monday around 07:30 hours before the queue was long but the clinical officers and nurses we found were just chatting and moving around without attending to patients,” he explained. “By 12:00 hours, he was not attended to despite being on the queue and while we were waiting, his condition worsened and that was when they started running around and brought the oxygen and the drip but it was too late, they could not succeed and that is how our young man died,” Mr Banda complained.

“As family relatives, the only thing we know is that Mubuyaeta’s life could have been saved if those people were professional enough and now they are claiming it was a brought in dead case, which is a lie,” he said.

“We are calling on those in authority to monitor the working culture and behaviour of some of these health personnel..

That case was purely negligence and we demand an explanation,” Mr. Banda said while flanked by other relatives.

He explained that his brother in-law was complaining of chest pains and had slight diahorea  since Friday last week.

Efforts to get a comment from Livingstone Central Hospital medical superintendent could not yield any results.

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