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A 24-YEAR-OLD man has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for maliciously damaging his father’s house in Kitwe.

Sabastian Chisha Junior was before resident Magistrate Malota Phiri yesterday for two counts of malicious damage on property offences he pleaded guilty to.

Chisha told the court that on the fateful day he was very angry after he learnt that his younger sister had been impregnated by an unknown man and their father had abandoned them.

He said he got drunk and out of anger he throw a stone which hit his father’s tenant’s car windscreen and also damaged his father’s house.

Particulars of the offence in count one are that on June 19 this year in Kitwe, Chisha Jnr willfully and maliciously damaged a windscreen of a vehicle valued at K1300 property of Lengani Mutanga Mutembo their tenant.

In count two particulars of the offence are that on June 19 this year in Kitwe, Chisha Jnr willfully and maliciously damage 5 windowpanes and one grill gate all together valued at K6,475 property of his Father Sabastian Chisha Senior.

Chisha asked for forgiveness from his father and his tenant in mitigation adding that he had a wife and one child.

Mr Phiri said he had heard the facts and mitigation, however, the offence of malicious damage was very serious and therefore sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment for damaging the windscreen of the vehicle of his father’s tenant.

Mr Phiri also sentenced Chisha Jnr to 5 years imprisonment for damaging his father’s house and the two offences would run concurrently effective June 24 this year.

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