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MANSA Sugar is eyeing the export market in neighbouring countries as it is expected to inject more investment in the project which started in 2015, the company’s senior accountant Margaret Kumwenda says.

Ms Kumwenda said over US$46 million had been invested in the company for the production of sugar and that more investment was expected to be injected soon.

She said in an interview in Mansa that the company started producing sugar last December.

“We invested US$46 million from 2015 and we have 700 employees now. Our first lot in the trail 870 tonnes, competition is there and we are not doing badly. We are producing the best sugar and we are also looking out for the export market,” Ms Kumwenda said.

Ms Kumwenda said the company had set aside 2500 hectares to plant sugar cane.

“There was a survey conducted at Cheembe where we only started with one pivot for irrigation. By the way, all our sugar is grown by irrigation. We are not getting water from the river. If we get it from the river, we then convert it into pivots so we are irrigating the fields.

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