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GOVERNMENT, in collaboration with private sector stakeholders is studying proposed measures to curb the escalating mealie meal prices as agreed at a recent meeting with sector players, Minister of Agriculture, Michael Katambo, has said.

Mr Katambo said a number of factors affecting the rise in mealie meal prices were discussed at stakeholders’ meeting on Wednesday and that a number of measures were proposed to curb the trend but required further analysis.

“To this effect, technocrats in the Ministry of Agriculture are studying the proposed measures, in cooperation with other government wings and private sector stakeholders. As soon as we complete the process of analysing the proposals, Government will make a public announcement on the way forward,” said Mr Katambo.

He said that the process of reaching a consensus would not take more than three weeks. He advised Zambians to remain calm and wait for the final way forward pertaining to the escalating mealie meal prices.

Mr Katambo assured the nation that government would do everything possible to ensure that effective measures were put in place to make mealie meal affordable especially to the ordinary Zambians.

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