Mealie meal prices too high

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Dear Editor,

Through your balanced paper allow me to say a few things about the current mealie meal prices.

I wish to warn our government not to take this matter lightly because as they say a hungry man is an angry individual and this is not what I think our government wants.

Some millers, I think are out to make this government unpopular by hiking the price of mealie meal, our staple food to those satanic levels.

So government should not only stop at banning export of mealie meal but get to the bottom of this whole issue which smells badly of political machination.

It does not make any sense that when government has assured us that we have enough stocks of maize in our reserves, and suddenly there is shortage of mealie meal purely to push up prices.

s a nation we will not accept such maneuvers by a clique of individuals at the expense of already suffering poor Zambians.

President Lungu should be on top of this matter and protect Zambians from some selfish businessmen in Zambia.

Paul Z. Chimimba

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