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THE Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) has called on Zambians to   practice good hygiene standard to prevent the outbreak spread of water borne diseases.

ZMA president Dr Samson Chisele said good hygiene practices such as hand washing had proved to prevent about 50 percent of diseases such as flu and Cholera.

He advised the public to always wash hands using medicated soap as it was a proper tool to use against germs.

Speaking yesterday during the tour of Trade Kings group of companies in Lusaka, he said the association aimed to maintain high standards of medical and health practice in the country.

And Trade Kings Group general manager Lux Subramanium said it was the company’s core business to provide solutions for the masses in the area of sanitation and hygiene which was directly related to health, and the well-being of people.

Mr Subramanium said it believed that better health was the nucleus to human happiness and also contributed to economic progress as a healthy population lived longer and were more productive.

He said the company intended to strengthen the partnership between Trade Kings Group and the Medical Association, with a view to increase awareness of the hygiene products locally manufactured.

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