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A CONTRACTOR at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has awarded workers a 10 percent salary increase for the year 2019 January to December.

Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) president Joseph Chewe said GRN, which in the last negotiations had awarded its workers seven per cent salary increment, had now increased salaries for workers by 10 percent.

Mr Chewe said during a media briefing in Kitwe that while the union wanted a much higher percentage, the company could not manage because it was going through difficulties.

“As a union, we would like to share the good news that a contractor at KCM by the name of GRN has awarded workers a 10 percent salary increment. This company has been going through difficulties, but it has managed a 10 percent salary increment.

“In the last negotiations, it awarded workers a seven per cent increment. We are hoping that it will continue to increase percentage every time we sit for negotiations for salaries and conditions of service,’’ Mr Chewe said.

He was however urged mining companies which were doing fine to consider giving reasonable salary increments to workers so that they could be motivated to work hard and increase production.

“We need a motivated workforce because a motivated workforce will work hard and increase production.

So companies should not give mediocre salary increments, but should give them better salaries.

“A worker who is well looked after by his or her employer, will defend and speak good things about the employer.

Above all, the relationship will be so cordial. I mean there will be genuine partnership between the two,’’ he said.

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