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GOVERNMENT should set up a feed processing plant in Mkushi to improve fish farming in the area, an agriculturalist has said.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Patrick Lukwesa, who is also a fish farmer and Fikosa Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited projects director, said there was need for Government to set up the feed processing plant because there were many fish farmers in the area who would utilise the facility to improve fish farming.

Mr. Lukwesa said the feed processing plant in Mkushi would be economical as many farmers would utilise the feed for livestock production, adding that small scale livestock farmers lacked nutritional feed for their animals.

He said the feed from the processing plant would enable the production of high quality fish and pork products.

Mr. Lukwesa said the plant would also promote fish farming.

“l am appealing to Government to consider establishing a feed processing plant in Mkushi. Mkushi is the hub of crop production such as wheat, maize, soya beans among others, which will supply and support the plant,” Mr Lukwesa said.

He said establishing the feed plant would not only benefit Mkushi but the whole country.

And Mr. Lukwesa said Mkushi had potential for farming which he said was steadily growing but farmers lacked hatcheries, adding that fingelings at Government ponds were expensive coupled with distance to the area.

He said there was need for Government to open more hatcheries for breeding and easy access by people intending to venture into fish farming.

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