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UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) youths in Monze have threatened to manhandle former Movement for Multiparty Party Democracy (MMD) members for holding meetings in its territory without “permission”.

The UPND youths led by their leader only identified as Lole warned MMD members to desist from holding meetings in perceived ‘UPND territory’ without permission from the party, saying even police had no authority over UPND.

On Saturday, there was a near-fracas at Monze’s Sunset Lodge during the MMD’s card renewal exercise as the UPND cadres attempted to disrupt the meeting on account that the former ruling party did not get permission from them to hold a meeting in the area.

The UPND cadres raided the lodge around 14:00 and demanded to know who had given the MMD permission to hold a meeting in their ‘territory’.  Efforts to reason with the cadres by a senior MMD official, Charles Kaile, fell on deaf ears as Lole and others maintained the permit they got from the police was null and void as the UPND were the ones in charge.

The youth also threatened to deal with the MMD if they mentioned the name of their party president Hakainde Mr. Hichilema in whatever they were doing in the area.

And efforts by the police to calm the situation at the said lodge proved difficult as the situation became tense. But after arguments with police, UPND cadres left but warned the police not to let the MMD go on with the meeting.

MMD national secretary Raphael Nakachinda described the behaviour of UPND youths as childish and asked the UPND leader Mr Hichilema to be magnanimous enough and stop petty politics.

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